DEX Pack Release Notes May 2024

This release includes updates to DEX Packs.


Kit Details of Update
Microsoft 365

New - Added two new columns in App Summary and Version Details in the performance and usage dashboard.

Fixed - Some packages are not excluded from the dashboards.

Java Improved scalability and performance.
Power BI Executive Insights Code changes to address the data discrepancy between the community benchmark section of the template the % figures for better or worse than other companies in sector or region to SysTrack Executive Insights Dashboard.
Software Asset Optimization Code changes to address divide by zero error.
Google Workspace Analytics Updated to use redirection variables and role settings capture the User Inventory data.
Proactive Hardware Monitoring Improved scalability and performance.
Proactive IT Data type conversion issue no longer occurs.
Office 365 Performance Monitoring Divide by zero error no longer occurs.
Windows 10 Design and Optimization Data type conversion issue no longer occurs.
Application Usage by Device and User Improved scalability and performance.