10.12 Release Notes

This cloud-only release includes new features, bug fixes and enhancements to the product.


  • We discontinued support for version 10.1 agents on February 27, 2024.

  • We will discontinue support for version 10.2 agents on April 24, 2024.

  • Microsoft discontinued support of Windows 2012 effective October 2023. We have ended support for all systems that are running on older versions of Microsoft Windows Server prior to and including 2012.

  • We do not include PDFs in the install file directories. You can view documentation at docs.lakesidesoftware.com.

  • We highly recommend upgrading your agent with this release. This updated agent includes a change to make sure that custom configurations do not revert to a default state and remove your custom configuration settings on some machines in your environment.

  • The agent has been upgraded to include OpenSSL 3.0.13.


Cloud Home Page and the Navigation Menu

We have a created a new landing experience, which includes shortcuts to information about people, hardware, applications, and a carousel that shows digital experience insights from your data.

The Navigation Menu provides navigation throughout SysTrack. It is persistent throughout SysTrack and you only see applications that you have access to. By default, the applications open in the same tab.

You need to contact your CSM to enable these features.

Automations and Collection Extensions

The existing pages have been combined into a single area in Configure with dedicated tabs for Automations and Collection Extensions. You can create Automations and Collection extensions using an improved workflow that includes additional metadata.

Current Issues in Prevent

The Daily Issues page in Prevent is called Current Issues. The sensor list has been updated to show the percentage of systems affected.

Agent Installers are in Configure

Links to agent installers are available from Configure > SysTrack Settings > Agent Installers. Access to Agent Installers will be controlled by permissions in Configure; you must have the Configure permissions and the Agent Installers permissions. Each Agent Installer has its own permissions.

The agent installers page only displays the agent installers that you have permission to access. Admins can modify which users have access to the Agent Installers in Manage Group Features.

Select Groups in Prevent

In the Prevent Overview page, the Change Groups button displays the list of groups. By default, the Overview page will show the top 10 largest groups.

Tools Menu Updates

Improved usability to the Tools menu in Prevent.

System Checklist Updates

In the Overview pages of Resolve and Prevent, select Show Only System Checklist Sensors to filter the page to only show System Checklist Sensors.

Offline Resolve

With Offline Resolve, even in the absence of an online connection to a system, IT staff can access a snapshot of stored data for troubleshooting. SysTrack can be configured to save the snapshot of stored data once per day or when a user logs off the system. You need to contact your CSM to enable this feature.

NOTE: You must update your agents to 10.12 before you start to configure and use this feature.

Default Health Thresholds

  • Default Health Thresholds have been updated for CPU, Hardware, Latency, Memory, Network, and Virtual Machine.

  • WiFi signal strength has been added to the Network health category.

  • Session Latency (Health) for the ICA protocol has been updated to reference round trip time.

Auto Remove in Configure

In Configure, an auto remove setting has been added that allows the reclaim of licenses for systems that have not connected for a set period of time.

Dell WYSE (ThinOS)

ThinOS 2402 includes support for collecting thin client metrics through virtual channel support. The integration is known as the Lakeside Virtual Agent in the Dell UMS.

Beta Programs

An improvement has been made to the beta feature in Intelligent Support.


  • When you search and remove a system from a group, only that system is removed from the group. (Case 1602)

  • When you click on Download/Export Data, dashboards do not hang. (Case 1588)

  • When you duplicate a role with automations and engagements, tool schedules are copied. (Case 675)

  • You can save and make changes to DayS_Since_Sftwr_Used in variable editor. (Case 1408)

  • The  Lakeside logo does not display on Dex packs. (Case 478)

  • You can copy and paste into the AD lookup in Assist. (Case 1734)

  • Grid numbers align properly when they are exported from AppVision. (Case 400)

  • Permissions do not block the API call for hidden sensors. (Case 1879, 1890)

  • Schedules can be created and saved. (Case 1679)

  • Tray app shows health data by default. (Case 1188)

  • Patch Summary and System Details dashboard does not slow down or time out with many endpoints. (Case 548)

  • An error does not show in the Dependencies section of Resolve when there are NULL and empty string values. (Case 2202)

  • In Resolve > Black Box, the Bollinger statistic no longer causes a grid error.

  • Hidden sensors do not display in Resolve.

  • The Tray app icon shows health data by default.

  • Negative numbers are no longer displayed on the Prevent > Evergreen IT Control Panel page when groups do not have systems.

  • Even if the server and database collation are different, upgrades from 10.10 install successfully. (Case 2375)

  • Values for the USAGE_GPU are greater than 0.0 and less than 1.0. (Case 2100)

  • Login page dos not display with the dashboard. (Case 1784)

  • You can create a new tenant if you have permission to do so. (Case 1295)

  • Timeouts for customers are not routed back to the login page, they go to the auto-log in.

  • Hardware Refresh limits in Configure are updated after they are changed from the default values in the dashboard.

  • Mobility query runs.

  • Time stamp updates when a new configuration is set through auto configuration rules. (Case 2166)

  • Power data condenses properly, which addressed issues with Visualizers and the Green IT DEX Pack. (Case 421, 437, 503, 549)


  • You can load existing or customized automations which sort in alphabetical order. (Case 1431)

  • The Quit App feature in Assist can be disabled. (Case 1321)

  • The search for All Packages in AppVision > Installations shows more rows with information.

  • Upgraded Intelligent Support to use Microsoft's required Azure OpenAI service version.

  • Updated the Contact Us page.

  • In Dashboard Browser, you can open a dashboard in a new tab from the right-click menu.

  • Added SSID, Subnet, Last Patch, Bandwidth, Signal and Last Reboot information to the Resolve overview page.

  • Updated the jQuery UI Library to the latest version.

  • Web collection has an additional mode to collect Google Workspace URLs for the Google DEX pack without compromising personally identifiable information (PII).

  • Hardware Refresh DEX pack updated with improved logic, additional controls, and updated layout.

  • DeployAPI geolocation access is public. (Case 2194)

  • For increased security of automations, the following characters are not allowed in an argument: | ; &.

  • Command Line column set to NULL in the table VUACTIONSDAILY, to reduce row count and improve the performance of the table. After release, this will cause the table to drop temporarily until the new view definition is read by the agent and the view is sent to the central database.

Cloud Version Compatibility

The following list of agents are compatible with this version of SysTrack.

Agent Version