11.0 Agent Release Notes

IMPORTANT: This is subject to change up until the actual release.

This agent release includes new features, bug fixes and enhancements to the product.


  • As of the 11.1 release, we will only support the following Linux distributions with the SysTrack Linux Agent which are the only supported versions by the OS providers:

    • Ubuntu

      • 2020.04

      • 2022.04

      • 2024.04

    • Red Hat

      • 8.8

      • 8.10

      • 9.2

      • 9.4

    • Rocky Linux

      • 8.10

      • 9.4 (Support for 9.4 ends November 2024)

  • The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable dependencies included with the agent installer for Windows x86 and ARM have been updated to the 2015-2022 version (14.38.33135.0).

  • We discontinued support for version 10.2.1 agents on June 26, 2024

  • We discontinued support for version 10.1 agents on February 27, 2024.

  • We discontinued support for version 10.2 agents on April 24, 2024.

  • We highly recommend upgrading your agent with this release. This updated agent includes a change to make sure that custom configurations do not revert to a default state and remove your custom configuration settings on some machines in your environment.


Natural Language Query Builder

SysTrack's Natural Language Query Builder (NLQ) feature enables you to use simple, natural language to query your SysTrack data, eliminating the need for programming knowledge. The NLQ feature uses easy-to-understand prompts to lead you through the process of querying your Central (condensed) or Agent SysTrack databases. This is part of the SysTrack Intelligent Support Package which is an add-on.

Thermals Data Analysis

SysTrack includes a Thermals series, which collects thermal temperature data for the CPU and other thermal zones of your systems. This data collection works on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. When your Support personnel need to troubleshoot a user's system because of poor performance or complaints of running too hot, they can view the Thermals series for the user's system to easily see the temperature trends and whether they indicate that the system's temperature has been unusual or has remained within an acceptable range.


  • Custom sensor is tripping on all VDI machines. (Case 1328)

  • There are no package names with unknown characters in the master database. (Case 1156)


  • The SysTrack agent configuration loading process has been improved to ensure that timely and reliable configuration data passes between SysTrack Cloud and your SysTrack agents.

Agent Version Compatibility

The following list of agents are compatible with SysTrack version 11.0.

Agent Version