10.12 Agent Release Notes

IMPORTANT: This is subject to change up until the actual release.

This agent release includes new features, bug fixes and enhancements to the product.


  • We discontinued support for version 10.1 agents on February 27, 2024.

  • We will discontinue support for version 10.2 agents on April 24, 2024.

  • The agent has been upgraded to include OpenSSL 3.0.13.

  • We highly recommend upgrading your agent with this release. This updated agent includes a change to make sure that custom configurations do not revert to a default state and remove your custom configuration settings on some machines in your environment.


Agent Installers are in Configure

Links to agent installers are available from Configure > SysTrack Settings > Agent Installers. Access to Agent Installers will be controlled by permissions in Configure; you must have the Configure permissions and the Agent Installers permissions. Each Agent Installer has its own permissions.

The agent installers page only displays the agent installers that you have permission to access. Admins can modify which users have access to the Agent Installers in Manage Group Features.

Offline Resolve

With Offline Resolve, even in the absence of an online connection to a system, IT staff can access a snapshot of stored data for troubleshooting. SysTrack can be configured to save the snapshot of stored data once per day or when a user logs off the system. You need to contact your CSM to enable this feature.


  • The factory view VUHEALTHDAILY does not contain duplicate rows. (Case 648)

  • When you run a collection extension, it does not overwrite existing data. (Case 630)

  • Database converts when migrating from On-Prem to Cloud. (Case 552)

  • Bios Age sensor shows in the correct systems. (Case 1837)

  • Default views query complete data. (Case 1657)

  • Data shows on MacOS in AppVision. (Case 305)

  • Duplicate records do not occur when using SQLite.

  • Changes to sensor variables prompt sensor refresh. (Case 629)

  • When a new configuration is applied to a device, the device does not revert to its default configuration even if a network error occurs during the configuration.

  • Improved security when loading DLLs.

  • If the screen locks, the Employee Wellbeing DEX pack will not report an active session. (Case 615)

  • When using a pooled user setup for an upgrade prior to 10.7, the database conversion to SQLite succeeds and is sent to the master. (Case 552)

  • When using POOLDB, after an upgrade and conversion to SQLite, when the agent restarts, it does not use a confusing filename. (Case 90240)

  • Verbose event types collect properly. (Case 934)

  • Mac agent uses the internal name for the model if it unable to connect to apple.com. (Case 2655)

  • Outdated library calls have been removed. (Case 1403)


  • Web collection has an additional mode to collect Google Workspace URLs for the Google DEX pack without compromising personally identifiable information (PII).

Agent Version Compatibility

This agent version is compatible with SysTrack version 10.12.0.x.