10.10 Hotfix Agent Release Notes On Premises

This hotfix release includes bug fixes.


  • Duplicate records do not occur when using SQLite.

  • Changes to sensor variables prompt sensor refresh. (Case 629)

  • When a new configuration is applied to a device, the device does not revert to its default configuration even if a network error occurs during the configuration.

  • Improved security when loading DLLs.

  • If the screen locks, the Employee Wellbeing DEX pack will not report an active session. (Case 615)

  • When using a pooled user setup for an upgrade prior to 10.7, the database conversion to SQLite succeeds and is sent to the master. (Case 552)

  • When using POOLDB, after an upgrade and conversion to SQLite, when the agent restarts, it does not use a confusing filename. (Case 90240)

  • Verbose event types collect properly. (Case 934)

  • Data shows on MacOS in AppVision. (Case 305)