SysTrack Kits

SysTrack Kits provides a way to import Kits of pre-configured SysTrack content dashboards, SSRS reports, and other documents that can be used with, or in support of, SysTrack products (such as SysTrack Report Center and SysTrack Dashboard). For example, these could include reports pertinent to specific areas such as IT security, content to support certain projects like Data Center Modernization, or dashboards to enhance analysis of technology platform performance.

Packs available for download from SysTrack Kits include:

  • Data Center Modernization - includes SSRS reports and dashboards focused on analyzing server specific data. The includes a Quick Start Guide describing how best to use SysTrack for a Data Center Modernization (DCM) project focused primarily on migrating from Windows Server 2003 or other legacy operating systems.

More Kits will be available in the future.

To expand a kit, click the plus sign to the left of a kit folder, which expands to display content such as:

  • SSRS (report) files
  • SysTrack dashboards
  • file (package configuration files)
  • Static document files (i.e. .pdf, or .docx)
  • Other Kits

To access a kit, you might have to import it or search for it, as explained in the topics in this section.

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