Access SysTrack Kits

You can access SysTrack Kits the following ways:

  • From the SysTrack product launch page, click the Kits icon, and then click the Launch button.
  • From SysTrack Report Center, click the Import button.
  • From the SysTrack Dashboard Builder, click the Import Dashboard button on the toolbar to display the Import dialog. Then select Go to SysTrack Kits.
  • Directly via URL: <your SysTrack Server name>/Kits.

To log in to SysTrack Kits, click the Login link in the top right of the SysTrack Kits web page and use your Lakeside Portal user name and password.

NOTE: Access to SysTrack Kits is dependent on your SysTrack security settings set up in SysTrack Deploy by your System Administrator.

To access a kit, you might have to import it or search for it, as explained in the following sections: