Grab and Go Videos

These videos are bite-sized and solution-based to help you learn SysTrack fundamentals at your own speed.

SysTrack Service Desk Tools

How to View a List of Activated Sensors in Black Box

Register for Cloud - SAML

ServiceNow Snapshot Live

Invite from Notification

Log Collection Tool

Offline Agents

Three Data Perspectives to Prepare for P2V

Add Delete Duplicate Alarm Actions

Application Highest Usage and Consumption

Application Portfolio Planning by Persona

Are the Automation Scripts fixing an Issue?

Are there any recent software changes?

Are there patterns of sensor activity in my environment?

Are you ready to virtualize?

Bandwidth Utilization by Application

Control Agent Deployment Updates

Copy Data in Data Grids

Create Configuration Rule for Single System

Did a change cause problems?

Download a Report

Enable Self Help Tool in Tray App

Enable Tools Self Help Tool

Enterprise Operating System Distribution

Enterprise System Installation Age

Expiring Password Reminder

Export Visualizer Data

Faulting Applications

Focus on Daily Issues

Gateway Latency of Subnets

Hardware Allocation

Hide Sensor

How can I find applications with multiple versions in use?

How can I tell when my hardware needs a refresh?

How can we view detailed health data for a single machine?

How do I create a new role?

How do I determine which applications have memory leaks?

How do I fix a problem on all affected machines?

How do I identify CPU and Memory metrics of systems?

How do I trigger an automation to run?

How has a system been performing?

Personas Can Help Users

Approve and Enable Actions

Assess Specific Risks

Check WiFI Signal Strength

How to Force System to Read Configuration

Identify Blue Screens in Your Environment

Identify Databases on Server

Identify Session Protocols

Identify Unused Accounts

Manage Publisher Keys for Actions

Monitor Deployment and Collection status

Provide Feedback on SysTrack Reports

Redact User Data

Share SysTrack Report Links

Identify Systems for Refresh

Identify Worst Performing Systems

Is a system being affected by CPU?

Is high resource utilization caused by certain applications?

Is the user's system sized appropriately?

Last Reboot

Patches Applied to a System

Sensors Affecting Environment

Server Roles and Features

Systems Using USB File Storage Devices

Tracking Resource Utilization

Understand User Login Password Risks

Unused Software

Using Prevent to Send Automations to a Group

Verify IT Compliance Assist

VPN Connections

What are the impacts of environmental changes, such as updates?

What is a Health Score?

What kind of risks are being introduced into the environment?

What kind of risks do applications pose in the environment?

When was software installed on a system?

Where can I find details about application usage in my environment?

Which applications need standardization?

Which sensors are most recently being triggered in my environment?

Which software packages could be different to virtualize?

ADM How to Unlock Configure for Edits

Adding Shortcuts Self Help

Branding Self Help

Hiding Tabs Self Help

Expose Factory Roles in Configure

Proactive Alerting

Notification Recipients

Adding KBA to Assist Compliance

Assign Configuration to System

Auto-fix Self Help Portal

Battery Details

Comparative Analytics

Configure the Tray App Self-Help

Create a New Configuration

Create Configuration Rule for Single System

Create More Specific Sensor Notifications

Create Alarm Notifications

Create Surveys

Data Groups Dashboard

Defining the Time Window

Deployment Status

Enable Disable Compliance Assist

Enable Executive Insights

Enable Tools Self Help Tool

Enable Data Collection Views

Engage Users of Active Sensor

Executive Insights 10.6

Get and Install ServiceNow

How are critical applications determined?

How can I see overall health at a glance?

How can we view problems on a system at a point in the past?

How do collection extensions work?

How do I add more Kits into my SysTrack platform?

How do I assign and limit user access to the SysTrack tools?

How do I create a new security group with limited access?

How do I create an automation?

How do I create dynamic groups to compare data?

How do I create groups to compare data?

How do I get updates to Dashboards, Reports, Sensors or Kits?

How many concurrent users are there in my environment?

Achieve Proactive Operational Management

How to Enable Views Within a Role

How to Execute Automation from Assist

How to Execute Automation from Resolve

How to Identify Session Protocols

How to Import and Export dashboards

Import Local Kits

IT Announcements from Self Help Tool

Link to an Assist Page

Manage Sensor Notifications

Manually Assign Configurations

Prevent Daily Issues

Remove Data for GDPR Privacy

Run a Collection Extension Multiple Systems with Active Sensor

Run an Automation Multiple Systems with Active Sensor

Run an Engagement with Assist

Run an Engagement with Resolve

Run Collection Extension on One System

ServiceNow Assist for ITSM

ServiceNow SysTrack Asset Optimization

ServiceNow Ticket Creation

Set Up Cloud 10.6

Set a Default Configuration

Set Up Sensor Notification

Set Up Sensor Notifications or Proactive Alerts

Tenant Access to New Users

Test Configurations

Troubleshoot Employee Home WiFi Connectivity

User and Group Access to SysTrack Tools Cloud

Use Configuration Rules

Web App Management


What are collection extensions?

What are default configurations and roles?

What are the top five issues?

What components make up the metric?

What connections are being made by?

What data impacts the Health Score?

What hardware does a user have?

What is a persona?

What is my enterprise's average health score?

What is the difference between alarms and sensors?

What is the ICA Latency for my IUS?

When was software last used on a system?

Where can I find details about software utilization?

Which applications and websites are users accessing the most?

Which GPO are being applied to a User?

Which OS is installed on system?

Why is it taking so long for my system to start up?

Why use ServiceNow?

Prevent Sensor Actions

Prevent Sensor Details

Prevent Sensor Visibility