Battery Insight User Guide


This DEX Pack Lite monitors degradation of battery capacity for specific models and systems.

Advanced Options

In this section, you can select whether to hide or show the Battery Capacity Slider.

Global Filters

In the Global Filters section, you can select a group by which to limit the data that appears in the other sections on the page. The default for Group is All Systems.

Battery Capacity Slider

This slider determines the color coding for the Battery Capacity (%) data in the tables that appear below it.

Cells with Battery Capacity less than, between, and greater than the chosen values will be colored as shown in this slider.

This metric compares a battery's current capacity to the capacity that battery was designed to have when brand new. For example, if a battery's current capacity is 80 mWh, but its original design capacity was 100 mWh, the Battery Capacity (%) is 80%. This data is measured for each system.

Battery Capacity by Model

This table shows the Avg Battery Capacity (%) for all systems grouped by model. The System Count column shows the number of systems that are of that model type. Click a model in this table to populate the Battery Capacity by System section to its right. Use the Model Search field to search for a specific model.

Battery Capacity by System

This section shows Battery Capacity data for individual systems. Use the drop-down to show data from all systems or from the systems selected in Battery Capacity by Model. In either case, this data is also restricted by the selection in Global Filters.

You can use the System Search field to search for a specific system.

The Design Capacity (mWh) column shows the capacity that the battery was designed to have when brand new. The Full Charge Capacity (mWh) column shows the actual capacity that the battery is currently capable of reaching when fully charged. The Battery Capacity (%) column compares the numbers in those two columns, as explained in the Batter Capacity Slider section.