Assist's Right Panel

Assist's right panel displays high-level system information. By default, it will be expanded. You can use the arrow in the top right corner to collapse or expand the panel.

The right panel always shows the following:

  • User name

  • Computer name and IP address

  • If you have permission to access Resolve, there is a link to it. You can view the system in more detail.

  • Health score shows an overview of how the system is performing.

  • Click the last 30 days link to open a pop-up and see the full trend.

  • FQDN: short for Fully Qualified Domain Name, similar to the machine name, you may need the FQDN to connect to the system.
  • Operating system
  • Platform
  • Location: only displays if the IP and location are connected
  • Manufacturer, model, serial number, and asset tag, which can be helpful in identifying recurring problems with the same manufacturer.
  • Networking information: SSID, subnet, signal, and bandwidth. The symbol indicates if the user is on Wi-Fi or ethernet.
  • Last reboot and last patch show the last time the system was rebooted.