SysTrack Assist is a powerful tool for IT Help Desk agents to remotely diagnose and resolve many user issues. Assist uses intelligent analytics and automations to bypass basic troubleshooting and reveal pertinent user information.

Key Benefits of Using Assist

Assist aids IT Help Desk agents by:

  • Bypassing basic troubleshooting.

  • Easily accessing information.

  • Reducing escalations.

  • Improving Help Desk efficiency by increasing the number of tickets processed.

  • Reducing repetitive service calls.

  • Accelerating time to resolution or triage.

  • Decreasing time spent troubleshooting tickets.

  • Reducing cost and frustration.

Ways to Connect

You can connect by looking at a specific user or system.

Assist functions similarly to Resolve on a technical level: you can view any system that is connected or has a snapshot available.

  • If the system is online, you can connect to it. The icon with the check mark shows the system is connected.

  • If the system is offline, you can view a snapshot of it and you can connect to that snapshot on the database to interact with the system. You can view data but you cannot push automations or other actions. The icon shows a cached version of the system.

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